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Scientific research has validated oxidative stress—damage to your body’s cells by free radicals—as the root cause, at the cellular level, of aging. In fact, studies show that metabolic wear and tear caused by free radicals in cells accelerates aging, the problems associated with aging and contributes to more than 100 health conditions.

But what if there was a way to activate youth at its source? What if you could turn back the clock of your cellular age to that of a 20 year old? You can!

Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging: Protandim.

Developed after 40 years of research exclusively for LifeVantage and featured on ABC, NBC, PBS, in “The Wall Street Journal,” and described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book, “Chasing Life,” Protandim is the ONLY product clinically-proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40%! Protandim is a patented, anti-aging supplement specially formulated to combat oxidative stress and cell aging in your genes—where your DNA is damaged. Protandim is the only solution to aging and degenerative processes in the body.

While traditional food and supplements eliminate one free radical for every one antioxidant molecule consumed, one Protandim a day eliminates free radicals at a rate of one million to one per second every second and reduces your oxidative stress level to that of a 20 year old in just 30 days!


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November 2008

The results of a new peer-reviewed study (Free Radical Biology & Medicine) clearly demonstrate that Protandim produces a 300 percent increase in glutathione, which is a key antioxidant and anti-aging factor.

In addition, the study shows that Protandim’s synergistic formulation provides thousands of times more antioxidant power than any food or conventional supplements.

Click here to view the study:  protandim-study Synergistic induction of heme oxygenase-1 by the components of an antioxidant


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~ Our daily relief begins with the basics ~

Nutritional supplements are not an option anymore. Today our food supplies are deficient of the good vitamins and minerals our bodies need to sustain vibrant, good health and energy. No wonder we hurt, don't feel good and are stressed out.

Each day before going into the office we eat a good breakfast and take our Protandim. This product helps our body deal with the stresses of each day and protects us from the free radicals attacking our body too.

Depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma and lack of energy are just some of the things of the past here in our home office. If you are looking for a simple, effective way to stop the symptoms of allergies, asthma, lack of energy and more; you have found the solution.


"Prior to using Protandim our family had been using another company's nutritional supplement. Although we thought our needs were met, something was missing. My husband had been in a four year depression after losing his job. He had used an herbal blend to take the edge off of his anxiety before we found this product. After using our first bottle of Protandim his depression lifted. He did not have any recurring anxiety bouts and stopped using his other supplements. By the time we used our second bottle a four year honey-do list was completed in two weeks. I don't know how it works all I do know is that the man I married 32 years ago came back to me with just one little anti-aging caplet. It is worth it's weight in gold.                           Carla CA


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Signs of Aging  ~ Cancer  ~ Heart Disease  ~ COPD   Asthma  ~ Allergies  ~ Multiple Sclerosis  ~ Liver Disease  ~ Neuropathy  ~ Diabetes  ~ Depression   Emphysema  ~ Fibromyalgia  ~ Parkinson's  ~ Autism   Gout  ~ Headaches  ~ Hormonal Imbalance  ~ Dry Skin Chrone's Disease  ~ Scar Tissue  ~ Arthritis  ~ Stress  No Energy  ~ Lack of Endurance  ~ Insomnia


  • What if you could look and feel younger, be able to breath without difficulty?
  • What if you could avoid premature death brought on by ravages of cancer?
You can do this by using just one caplet of Protandim daily.
  • What if you you weren't depressed any longer? You are not the only one.
Stop the pain from Fibromyalgia and arthritis, it doesn't have to be that way!


Satisfied Customers, Tell It Like It Is!

"My personal testimonial has to do with my migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Osteo-arthritis. For over 40 years, I've suffered with migraines, having a minimum of two to three a month and lasting two to three days. Before they came out with the migraine drugs, I would have to shut down completely. After two months of taking the Protandim, I have yet to have a full-blown migraine. If I feel one coming on, I take a Protandim and within a couple hours, that feeling goes away. It's a miracle; not having migraines is changing my life.
Additionally, I had found myself completely debilitated with Fibromyalgia and Osteo-Arthritis. I would spend 20 out of 24 hours in bed…I could not sit on my couch because I was in too much pain. After eight days on Protandim, I jumped out of bed to answer my front door…and that's when I realized the pain was gone. The first thing in the morning is the worst for me, and now, although I do have occasional pain, I'm now able to function most days. Not 100% yet, but I am 150% better than prior to taking the Protandim.

The last thing is, as a Licensed Esthetician, I've spent up to $350.00 on facial cream that made my face feels amazing. I could no longer afford that much each month on just a facial moisturizer. When I felt the True Science for the first time, a dab put on the back of my hand, I immediately had to order that as well. I have a line of demarcation at my wrists where I stop, the age spots are completely gone on my right hand and my left hand is so much better…I wish I had taken a picture before now. Love, love, love the True Science Anti-Aging Cream ' ~ Nancy Lynn Amonn-Gowdy ~ Ramona, CA

"I have Fibromyalgia and usually hurt all the time and it is really hard to walk first thing in the morning. I have only been taking the Protandim for about 3 weeks, and I no longer even take the pills I have for pain. Usually, I take a pill every night just so I can ease the pain enough to get to sleep, but not anymore. I get up in the mornings without any problem. It doesn't take me 5 minutes to take those first few steps. It is great. I haven't felt this good in 3 years. I can go through the whole day with no pain at all. I am even sleeping better".  ~  Reta
"My name is Julie Kreider.  4 weeks ago today, my dogs and I started Protandim.  Nikki, my 16 yr old Shepard/Husky mix was taking 30 mg of "doggy ultram" daily.  Within 3 days on Protandim and cold turkey OFF of the pain pills, she could get on the bed unassisted.  She now gallops at a full speed when we take a walk and races back to the house.  She plays as she hasn't since she was 5.  And has even had the energy and agility to climb onto the counter and retrieve a cake! 
Nikki was 72# in her prime, but 54# at her last vet visit. Last evening I had to remove her collar because it is now too snug!  Thanks Protandim for extending my baby girls life"!  ~  Julie Kreider


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