Auto Transport Broker Parties and Drops Two Pants Sizes

(Before December 2010)

Confessions of an auto transport broker

I have a confession to make to all of you. There is something I have not shared with you while coaching many of you to run successful auto transport brokerages. This little, well…BIG confession is something no one told me. Frankly, it never crossed my mind to share it with anyone either. It is very personal and some of you may not want to hear my story. That is okay, I understand. I used to be in your shoes and was not ready to hear this either.

However, for those of you who want to know the ugly truth about what being an auto transport broker can do to you. Read on.

Have you ever taken a family vacation and upon downloading the photos, you realize there are no pictures of you? Just trying to find this picture of me was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That is my virtual assistant, Tiffany Johnson from Virtual Hired Hand in the picture beside me. By the way, to set the record straight I am drinking ginger ale in this picture. I am not a teetotaler, but I was not feeling the best that evening.

That is right. I am the photographer in our family and for good reason. I do not like how I look in pictures. In the past seventeen-plus years of working from home, I slipped into some unhealthy habits. One of these habits set the stage and my body for a 50+ pound weight gain. Bet no one ever told you that could happen from working at home.

The ugly culprit that started it all

As you recall from an earlier post my day in the office starts when the first phone call comes in. Hopping out of bed and running down the hallway to grab the phone does not set my day up to be successful in the eating arena. Once I boot up the computer and the phones start ringing there is no turning back.

Normally, there is time later to grab a quick cup of coffee in between calls. However, every single time I ever tried to slip out of the office to grab a bite to eat, the phone would ring. Rather than let a potential customer get away I would turn around and answer the phone.

In spite of taking good vitamins and supplements come afternoon my butt was dragging. I was not sleeping well at night, my skin started looking haggard and I just plain old did not feel up to par. The funny thing was I could not figure it out. Then, almost overnight, my clothes did not fit. My commute, the whole ten feet of it, became a chore. By the time I opened the door and sat down to turn on the computer, I was winded.

Have you ever known what the problem was but found yourself in complete and utter denial? I have always struggled with my weight, my whole life. Following my mom and sisters, I have tried diet after diet, pill after pill. What was the result? I gained more weight, felt worse and like most others, I know…gave up and settled.

I had convinced myself that the way I look, the weight I am at all came with being a grandma. Is that crazy or what? What do those darling little angels have to do with the ugly, chicken fat hiding under this skin I have hidden beneath these clothes? Enough was enough; I had to do something but what?

It all started with a phone call and a health assessment

A few years ago a friend introduced me to a new product. Many of you know I have been with a nutritional supplement company for a long time, fourteen years.  Being very loyal to both the executives and products, I was not open to new ones. However, they have since been sold.

I agreed to take the assessment and discover what my body needed. I am not one to lose out on anything. What happened? First, I started drinking more water, the supplements nourished my body and I began sleeping really well. After a few weeks, I noticed my energy level was up and my endurance was incredible. I still was not eating though and found I had highs and lows throughout the day.

My skin improved and I lost a few pounds. That was encouraging so I continued. Serving our auto transport clients seemed easier. It certainly was not making any sense, how could vitamins and water make shipping cars easier?

One day while handling a particularly angry customer, I figured out how those supplements were helping…I was on an even keel. No mood swings, no anxiety. My heart was not racing as my frustration with the situation mounted. Amazingly, no tears fell from my eyes, no deep breathing and it just went so smooth.

Friends who share make a difference

The final piece of the puzzle came together when a business associate and I had the chance to sit and visit while in Chicago at a seminar. Renee explained to me that my glycemic level may be unbalanced and that is why I had highs and lows, no energy, and was gaining weight. She made sense but it sounded excessively hard for someone like me to do.

What I found was a simple secret weapon diet that even I could use. Because I needed something easy, the grab and go, snacks worked perfectly for me. The amazing part is that I love it. It is simple, tastes awesome, and I am not hungry! I know that sounds weird, but for me never eating, I was hungry and ignored the pangs. Now my body knows a regular little snack is coming and all is well.

Every two hours I grab my snack and enjoy it with coffee or water. Guess what the amazing news is? In just under two weeks of using this secret weapon, I have lost two jeans sizes. Not only that, but I crossed over from the Women’s sizes to Misses sizes. I think that counts as more sizes lost, right? lol

Even auto transport brokers must eat

The moral to my story is this. Since I have started taking time for myself and designing the life I thought I was designing I have more energy. Deep, sound sleep allows my body to rest, recuperate from the daily stresses running a full-time business puts on it. Learning how to eat and use the secret weapon I found helped me to lose more than two sizes in less than two weeks all while eating delicious food and feeling the best I have felt in years.

Remember, YOU design your life. When starting your business make a schedule. Set the kitchen timer if need be, eat every two to three hours a small grab and go snack for endurance you will need to run a profitable auto transport business as I do.