Bullseye Auto Transport, Brokerage and Dispatch ServicesI am re-introducing my business and self to this community after 16 successful years in business. My name is Carla Gardiner, owner and sole proprietor of Bullseye Auto Transport, ICC-MC #: 548362; a brokerage and dispatch center based out of Nampa, ID. I opened my business on January 2, 2005, after a lengthy banking career and hit the floor running.

The first few years went very well and I found the liberty I’d longed for getting out of the corporate world. However, then the industry shifted from hurricanes to DOT changes, increasing bond payments and unrelenting, dishonest competition who never followed the law, rules and drove the business into the ground with no watchdogs to discipline them.

But, I’m stubborn and decided to weather the storm, which was not easy. I decided to learn the flip side of the business and began dispatching for owner/operators in car-hauling.

Fast-forward 16 years I continue to fight the good fight, pricing to keep you, the independent owners in profit, not driving for fuel, what a joke. I also, continue with my last remaining driver keeping him loaded and in the black. Unfortunately, 2019 took one of my drivers in death. The following year my second driver went out of business due to the pandemic shut down for three weeks.

I am always networking, looking for one more owner to work with. Trust is an issue for me as much as it is for the owner/operator, you. You see, I’ve been burned by a couple of drivers for a lot of money. I performed the service, loaded and made them money, and overnight they disappeared. So, my requirements are stringent and reference necessary. I would expect the owner/operator would want my references, too. I accept referrals and give referrals in return when I am unable to help my customer. If interested I am open to a phone conversation to discuss the possibility of working together.