How to build an auto transport business without spending an arm and a leg

Do you know someone who wants to build a home business? Like many of you, I have looked at several home businesses over the years. That search lead me to getting started in network marketing.


The products ranged from jewelry to insurance and investments, even personal products. It was enticing knowing I could be mobile with no territories. I could work from where and when I wanted to earn the money I needed and more.

However, the major drawback was the inability of other business owners to come up with enough capital to continue their business strongly. I wanted a real business with an income that would help me reach my goal of being my own boss 100% of the time.
Never having gone to college I did not realize what it really took to build a business let alone from home. Network marketing was just the beginning of my business education.

It was when we decided to become an auto transport broker that I learned what business was all about. It is a way to build a real home business without spending an arm and a leg.

Getting started in an auto transport home business

When starting a business of any kind the first step is to research your market. You want to know who your competition is. Knowing who your ideal client is will help you build faster. Learning who to contract with will help you serve your clients at a higher level, too.  

Next would be any legal requirements, like licensing, bonding and any local governmental requirements. Check out names you would want to use. Remember, you will need a name that represents who you are. This took me a week to decide on a name that not only fit auto transport, but who I am, my personality. I do not know about you, but I think “Bullseye Auto Transport” is a good fit.

Then you would start making a list of office supplies and equipment that you might need. I had always worked in an office. But, until I started equipping my home-office, I did not realize how many different pieces of equipment I used on a daily basis. It never dawned on me the numerous types of pens, pencils, file folders and paper, ink, etc that was on the supply shelves at the bank!

You will need a business checking account, book keeping software and any software applicable to your niche. I know this is not a detailed list for every home business, but it is a good place to start.
Have realistic expectations of start up capital needed
I remember thinking $2,000 was a lot of money to get started in business. That is what I needed to get started in one of my home based network marketing businesses. That was more than I made working at the bank in a month. No wonder I thought it to be a lot of money.

However, my desire to change how my life looked over-ruled my small thinking when I started the auto transport business. I used a zero balance credit card to get started. Later I would learn that by investing into my business and my future it gave me a reason to take the commitment seriously. Yes, I had a serious desire to earn enough to pay the credit card back. But that was not all, I wanted to increase my bank account too.

In any business, you need capital to get started. There are some areas where you can cut corners and others that you cannot. There are ways of being frugal and still get the job done but consider all options before making that decision. My grandma always said that you could be “penny smart and dollar stupid”.
That is where having a mentor or coach comes in handy. They most likely have been there done that. It makes sense to find a coach or mentor who has a proven track record. When they have built his or her own successful business in the niche you are researching they will be able to help you get started correctly.
Home business without inventory
When we built our auto transport brokerage, we did not need inventory or a brick building. We did however need to have money available to get started.

There were licenses to apply for and associated filing fees. We had no office equipment so (and I loved this part) we went on a shopping spree. I am a real bargain shopper so we comparison-shopped the first day. The second day we went back to the various stores and made our purchases.

You may think that was not smart because of the time spent shopping. The reality is we saved hundreds of dollars by shopping that way. Those dollars were able to supply the office for the next few months.

You must begin training your brain to be a business owner. Smart decisions from the beginning will set your business up to be more successful from day one. By using the money available to you in a well thought out manner, you will be setting your business up with tools for the greatest bang for your investment buck.
Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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