Auto Transport Owner On Vacation

Auto Transport Owner on Vacation
Time off on purpose
Taking time off to spend with your family and loved ones are important activities for entrepreneurs, employees, stay at home moms and children as well. Vacation helps rejuvenate ones body, mind and soul.

It is also a moment that can be set aside to reflect on life, to dream with your spouse… time to reconnect with young or older children and grandchildren… it may be a time to spend with great friends.

Where do you go when you need a vacation? Do you know how to plan for a great vacation?

When I was working in a brick and mortar travel agency many years ago, there were five tips that we gave clients when planning a vacation:

What is your budget?

You have to know how much you have or can set aside for your vacation. It is not advisable to use the credit card. You do not want a vacation that puts you in debt…that will add on more stress than joy. When the budget is determined, you can look at the airfares, hotels, meal plan and activities that the budget allows.

There is a variety of hotels and activities in each destination. They all come with different price tags. Even the meal plan can be categorized as well.

What is your interest?

What do you like to do when you are not working? What makes you happy? What don't you like to do when you are on vacation? What do you want to do or see for this vacation?

Some people love museums and operas. So a trip to such places will satisfy their desire and make them happy, while others may prefer a sporting event or an all day walking tour in the city.

There are still some who likes the great outdoors with fishing, golfing, scuba diving, hiking or para sailing.

To know your interest and your family's interest are important while planning your vacation. You need to take into consideration your spouse's and your children's interests, if they are spending the vacation with you.

When you discuss your interest, it will also help you to be acquainted with yourself and your family.

How is your health?

Do you have pre-existing health issue? What kind of activities you are not allowed to participate? Do you know if you have food allergy? Can you tolerate long flights or long road trips?

A savvy traveler knows what's best and what to avoid. When armed with the knowledge of your health status, there will be no second guessing when it comes to your participation of an activity or eating of a certain food.

If you are traveling overseas, with proper planning and having all your medical records and medical supplies with you on board will ease a lot of pain and inconveniences.

What is your objective for this trip?

Some travelers take a certain trip to better their language skills and there are some who are looking for a certain type of food to savor.

There are trips that cater to learning a language, culinary schools, sporting events or medical needs. Every destination has a unique offering. By expressing your objectives, you can research and ask for right kind of help. You will be able to find the right destination and itinerary for your vacation.

How often do you travel?

The need of a seasoned traveler is entirely different from one who barely travels. This is an important question because your comfort level may be different from another.

For example, we had never taken a cruise before our Bahamas cruise. To ensure we were comfortable with cruising, we took the shortest route on sea and shortest trip we could find with Disney Cruise. We don't want to be stuck at sea on a thirteen day cruise across the Atlantic for our first cruising experience. We may be sea sick or unable to tolerate the rocking of the ship.

So those are five simple tips to help you jump start your plan for your local, across the country or international travel this year.

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It is a privilege to write for my friend Carla. When Carla asked me to be her guest blogger, I immediately said yes. While I have a full schedule this week, I am happy and honored to write for Carla's Transport Services because I look up to Carla. I met Carla in December of last year at a business seminar. She is a genuine, happy, takes care of her clients and associates, hard working business owner and leader. She is also a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother. Thank you Carla!

Claudia Looi is a freelance writer, copywriter and a work at home mom. She left her travel consultancy work to raise two children who are now teenagers. She helps unload the burden that small and home based business owners carry with their blog contents, sales copy and email marketing campaigns. Her work in travels with thousands of clients from all over the world and her extensive travel experience has allow her to understand businesses of diverse backgrounds and recognize the need to tailor make her writing for each of her clients.

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