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  • Kmceelo

    I was trying to send you an email, but I can’t find you email address and the link is not working for me.

  • Ronald Franklin

    Hi there, my name is Ron Franklin. I am interested in becoming a dispatcher. I have over 20 years experience driving trucks and I’m ready to get off the road. I’d truly like to work from home and help other drivers out there get loads and stay loaded. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. My number if you’d like to call is 205 602 5232 and my email address is ‘’. Thanks in advance for your time…

    • admin

      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for the inquiry. I’m behind on returning calls, but will contact you soon.

    • I’m currently working on a training program. When it is ready I’ll let you know Ronald. Thanks for contacting us.

  • Jane

    I am looking for a part-time job to do at home. No experience with the auto transport business but am wondering if it is something I could do. Right now, I work at a state government office from 9-2 Mon-Thurs. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    • admin

      Thank you for contacting us about part-time work. I’m not sure auto transport brokering would be a fit for part time. When customers call in for a quote or to book a transport they want live people on the other end of the phone. I’ve watched many companies go out of business due to not manning the office to serve their customers.

      That being said Jane, I am currently building another business, on the side, in the crooks and crannies of my day. If you would like more information please email me your phone number and a time of day good to call you. My email is I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.

    • Hi Jane. I’m currently working on a Quick Start Guide. Once complete it will walk you through the steps to getting started, answer all of your questions about auto transport and help you open your business. Come back to visit our website weekly as the announcement will be on the front page.

  • admin

    Thank you for the offer James, but at this point in time these domains won’t serve our plans for the future. We appreciate your offer though.

  • hassan

    i have over 4 years working experience as Auto Dispatcher. i work with Chohan Auto Transporters based in NC, USA, while i live in Pakistan, I use vonage device for communication. i can work at low wage. If you need my service i am available, can work over 12h a day . 7 days a week
    . Hassan

    • Hi Hassan,

      Wow, talk about virtual working! Congratulations for dispatching long distance. We do not have any positions open at this time. I am personally searching for one more truck to dispatch for. Likewise, if you hear of any owner/operators looking for a stateside dispatcher please pass along my name. Thank you, nice to meet you.

      • hassan

        hi Gardiner. i got an idea about dispathing. whats ur phone number of email address. mine is
        we both can work hopefully things will work out.

  • my email address is

  • my email address is

  • Thank you for the offer James. I am not interested in purchasing these domains. It’s nice that you thought of us though.

  • Garry

    I have an 7 car hauler and need a good dispatcher. Can u help. Email me please

    • Emailing you more information right now. Thanks for contacting me.

  • Freddy

    Hi Carla, I’m sick and tired to be an employee, I would like me to drive my own car and be my own boss, I capable to buy either a passenger van or cargo Van, I want to work in Florida, what do you suggest me, I’m bilingual, English/Spanish speaker, I’m a hard worker, I have my CDL class B

    • Hi Freddy,

      I love that you are entrepreneurial minded. Although I have no experience in setting up drivers I have no doubt there is help out there. I would suggest searching out an owner/operator in your local area to sit down with and ask questions. Do your research before leaving your job so you are better able to make wise decisions.


  • rich

    Hi Carla! Rich here. I’m interested. Contact me please

    • admin

      It was nice talking with you Rich. Looking forward to talking again soon.

  • Bruce

    Hello ! I am very interested in providing basic training to a new employee for dispatcher. He is new to the trucking industry but comes from a customer service based and fast pace job. Can you do ?

    • Bruce please contact me during business hours at 530-529-6972/

  • Ibrahim

    Very interested in the auto business broker or dispatcher. Need more info. Thanks

    • Ibrahim it’s nice to meet you. I am currently putting the finishing touches on our quick start guide. Please visit our home page, enter your information to join our mailing list. As soon as we have it ready we will notify you for your review.

  • Kehinde

    I am a used car dealer in the state of Maryland. I buy cars from different auctions across the country. I want to become a car dispatcher. I want to be directly connected to the truck companies to ensure the reduction in the car shipment. Please how do I go about it ? I need your help.

    • Thank you for stopping by our site Kehinde. In order to become a dispatcher you will need the tools of the trade; broker bond, Central Dispatch membership and references. This should help you get started.

  • jon

    If you are an owner operator or a dispatcher – try out tools to help manage the auto hauling business so you can get paid faster

  • JKC

    Carla, I have a 2002 Chevy Prizm that I need transported from zip code 32507 to zip code 98101. (Perdido Key FL to Seattle, WA. It could be picked up 4/14/15. Can you give me a quote? Can you e-mail it to me?

  • christpher ilonze

    pick from newburgh new york 275686 and drop at 27616

    can u give me a quote? can u email it to me

    • We sent you the quote Christpher, we hope you received the info you needed.

  • I have been an admin asst for many years and I decided to become a small business owner. I am new at being an auto transport broker and I was reading thru your website. Do you have a guide that explains things?

    • FREE REPORT, “7 Insider Secrets To A Stress Free Auto Transport”. Inside this report you will learn valuable information key to your decision making process.

  • TC

    Thank you for your reply. How do I obtain your 7 Insider Secrets … I goggled it and it took me to sign into a Facebook. Is that the only way? Is this your quick start guide to becoming an auto transport broker? Also, I am glad that you have this website.

  • Trisha

    Do you have a contract that carriers sign when you are dispatching them on a contract basis? I am working on starting my own dispatching company. I worked for a large broker as the logistics manager, and have 7 years experience in logistics. I have been looking and haven’t been able to find anything, and the lawyer quotes have been rather high $. Any info you can give me would be great!

    • Trisha,

      I do not have a contract. The companies I’ve dispatched for have been referrals of friends I know and trust. I have indeed been burned by dispatching for other carriers who I don’t know without a contract…I do agree that using a contract will protect you both…as much as possible. I wish you much success in your new business.

  • cosette

    Hi do you have an email ? I want to send you my resume , I have five years experience in the transport industry .

    • admin

      Hi Cosette,

      It’s nice to see you are looking to better your position in the auto transport industry. We are not a large brokerage, matter of fact I’d call us a mom and pop operation. Sorry I can’t help you out, we don’t employ agents.

  • farhan ahmed

    My name is farhan Ahmed I live in Pakistan. I have transport experience withen a 8 years ago I want to work with u please contact with me my number is +92 322-3017656. Thanx

  • Stanley Mackey

    Hi Carla,

    I am seriously interested in becoming an auto transport broker. I have checked all the licenses, requirements and fees and I am able to meet all of these. My hang up is I still need to work full time until I can generate enough business to quit my day job. How do I work as a broker when I am at work all day working for an employer? Is it even possible? Thank you for any advice you can provide.

  • dave stevens

    Hello Carla,
    Looking to Switch it up a little. If i can call you and ask a few questions in regards to Brokering…
    Currently i broker freight as an Agent, until i get enough money financialy to get my own authority. if possible i will call you 9:01 Monday….3/7/16

  • Alex

    Dear Carla. Our company are looking for the dispatching service. Do you provide it?

    • Hi Alex,

      Please call our office at (530) 529-6972 during business hours to discuss further.