Business Owner Decides to Work Part Time Earns More Money


Business Owner Decides to Work Part Time Earns More Money

The American dream or nightmare

When my husband and I got married we had many hopes and dreams, did you? We dreamt of a large home to live in. The house would sit on property for our babies to run and play on. A nice car and yearly vacations to relax and enjoy were often part of our nightly talks. Then as the babies came along the bills mounted. Each year it seemed we owed more and more. Would we ever be able to pay off the credit cards and bills?

Owning our own business was like speaking Greek. Rich worked for a local lumber mill and had for over twenty years when we met. The likelihood of him leaving was zilch. My job at the bank was exciting and fulfilling to me. I had no plans of going anywhere either.

Like most people who come from working in corporate America, we were used to someone else doing all of the thinking. The systems of process were in place when I started working at the bank. Senior employees trained me and I was off and serving the bank's customers. The same scenario went for the mill. Rich simply showed up and did his job, a small part of the whole operation.

It did not take long to learn that it took more than one paycheck to support a family. My husband and I both had to work to pay our bills, clothe our babies and pay the mortgage. Like most other people, we knew we also had car payments, credit card bills and more. After awhile harsh reality dashed our hopes and dreams. We started to wonder if we would always be in this situation. We just never could see ourselves getting ahead.

What will they think of me?

Then a friend introduced us to a part time home based business, otherwise known as network marketing. There are many names for businesses like these but they all carried the stigma, "Oh, it's one of those things". Regardless of what product or service the business sold no one wanted to buy what I was selling.

Nevertheless, our hopes and dreams for a brighter future burned deep within us. Those dreams are what we focused on instead of the naysayer, negative relatives and friends. We were determined to succeed, to earn extra money for those annoying bills and vacations of our dreams.

Some success comes slowly

Following the leader has always been simple for me, except when it came to being someone else. It is simple to watch what someone does and do it to the best of your ability, right.

As I learned the business, experienced the products I got good at presenting the business plan. The product presentation was easy I just told my story. That story saved my life, literally. I would not be here today if I stayed with traditional medicine from my medical doctor.

For three years, my husband and I attended weekly meetings supporting our local teams. Doing our best to invite guests to the meetings, we found ourselves alone in the back of the room. It was encouraging to watch as others brought guests and their checks grew. Why wasn't it working for us?

We attended personal growth training seminars monthly. Those seminars, called First Steps to Success were instrumental for my success today. Have you ever attended a seminar like that? Still, with all of the hard work, meetings and trainings we were not making the part time money we wanted to make.

As our lives moved on and our part time home business slowly grew so did our paycheck. I learned that we hear what we want to hear and do what we want to do. Years later, I would figure it all out, business that is.

Fast forward ten years

When we launched our new auto transport business six and a half years ago, we did not know if we would succeed long term. All I really knew for sure was I was sick and tired of building businesses for someone else. It was time for me to get serious about our future, our financial future.

You may have read my story about getting started in auto transport, but if not you can read about it here. This story is about thinking and acting like a business owner. Making the decisions and acting on them in a timely, thought out manner. What I am about to share with you might be scary to some of you; it was for me big time.

However, if you want to play with the big dogs, you had better put on the armor of a rhino and be prepared to play the game, head on. You see, in business there cannot be an emotional attachment. My best friend once told me, when I complained about a situation to her, "It's nothing personal, it's just business". Wow, that stung!

She was right though. From that moment on, every decision I made in our auto transport business was based on data. The decisions were not snap decisions; well thought out, based on fact decisions. Little did I know those baby decisions were preparing me for years down the road and a MAJOR decision I would make in my business life.

Come back Monday to read about what that major decision was; how we dealt with the emotional side of being a business owner who makes tough calls and the benefits of stepping up and out to making the right decision for us and our clients.

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Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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Carla J Gardiner is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur who built an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center from the ground up. With half a days training and little else Carla learned the business inside and out the hard way…by doing it. Her passion and purpose lies with the people she works with daily; the client, dispatcher, broker and truck driver. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor other professionals in healthy auto transport.
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  • Ljbmartin

    Great story Carla, thanks for sharing.  So true about the mindset in working for someone else and then having your own business.  Can be a difficult change.  Can’t wait to read the rest. 

    • admin

      Thank you, Leila. Have to give the credit where credit is due. It all started with First Steps to Success, then Sandi Krakowski and PJ McClure. Can’t forget the wonderful friends I’ve made on my journey in coaching groups either, what a support system. If we think we can make a go in business alone, we had better think again.

  • Denny

    I love how we are growing when not even aware of it…sometimes the evidence is far into the future but invaluable none the less! Thanks for sharing…see you Monday!!

    • admin

      Denny, all I can say is thank goodness that eventually the dots get connected and we can move on to the next puzzle. I’m thankful that my brain stays connected and does not short circuit. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming but with a great coach and supportive teammates we will eventually succeed…as long as we never quit.

  • Karen Brooks

    Carla, I was so inspired reading this story. Can’t wait t hear about the major decision.

    • admin

      You’ll love it Karen. It is the inside scoop on what you saw, but probably didn’t realize was going on. I’m excited to share with everyone the way it all went down. Can you feel it?

  • Carla, this is such a great story, very inspiring. It is just what I needed to read today! Thanks for sharing and see you Monday!:)

    • admin

      YOU made my day Solvita. Thank you for sharing that it helped you. We never know who may be going through what we did until we are vulnerable and willing to share our innermost thoughts and feelings. I have to admit, it’s not always easy to put it in writing. However, it is therapeutic and helps us move on. Enjoy!

  • Well now I have to wait for the next article for find out your big decision. You know I hate waiting!!! 😀 Hugs

    • admin

      I love you Elvie! It’s so fun writing about life’s experiences when others voice how they’ve enjoyed it. You’ll love the rest of the story as much as the first part…promise.

  • Alisa Johnson

    Wow, I love seeing a woman succeed in a traditional “man’s” business.  Go Girlfriend!

    • admin

      Thank you Alisa. It hasn’t always been easy and learning how to tactfully work around some of those issues was a learning experience all it’s own. However, it was one that has been well worth it.

  • AJ

    Great story Carla. As a business owner we belong to a unique group of people looking to better ourselves and the people we serve.

    • admin

      Thank you AJ. I once heard that when we stop learning and growing then we are dying or dead. I choose to continue learning and sharing…I don’t like dead.

  • I love how you say,”Her
    frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her
    company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor other professionals
    in healthy auto transport.” I love how you are sharing your passion! 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you Scarlett. That is exactly how I feel and run my business. To serve my clients, all of them the way I would want to be treated…with honor, respect and like I’m the most important person on Earth. That is what professionalism means to me.

  • Lots of wisdom here, Carla – as usual!  Thank you once again…

    • admin

      Thanks for that compliment, Victoria. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing with us.

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