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"Auto Transport Dispatcher" Not Just Another Business Opportunity!

Design your life, on your terms.

Building a business by becoming a nationwide auto transport dispatcher can be a winning and profitable business venture. Dependable auto shippers, otherwise known as car haulers are busy driving the trucks. The drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

Today it's not uncommon for owner-operators, (also known as car-haulers, drivers and auto-shippers) to find themselves trying to do it all. As a business owner it is not smart to spread yourself too thin. This can endanger not only the driver and equipment but others on the roadways too. This is where working with an auto transport dispatcher is a smart investment.

When the owner-operator contracts with an auto transport dispatcher it accomplishes several things. First it relieves a lot of stress for the driver. It allows him or her to focus on driving. They can maximize their time away from home and increase their profitability. Secondly, the dispatcher makes money.

By providing quality customer service you set yourself apart from other dispatchers. Not only will your customer love you, they will refer their fellow drivers to you.

Are you cut out to be an auto transport dispatcher?

Owning and operating your own business is work. Building an auto transport dispatch center is not for the slacker. It is not for the person who prefers a 9 to 5 job either. If you want flexibility and an honest days work being a dispatcher may be the right position for you.

Office hours vary by the individual business, after all you are your own boss. Being able to serve clients including the auto transport broker is critical. Remember, your drivers run 11 hour days, 7 days a week. Auto transport brokers operate a more traditional business and work during office hours. Being flexible is key to your success.

If you are a hard worker, you can build a solid, successful business. If you like a competitive environment, building a nationwide auto transport dispatch center may be for you.

If working  with people of varying backgrounds, experience and temperament is a challenge for you; the dispatch center may not be your cup of tea.

However; if you have a competitive spirit you will thrive in the auto transport environment. Getting up early in the morning gives your business a head start…it's the best time of the day. Remember as in any competition, you've got to be on top of your game to play with the big boys. Showing up early is one of those key elements you will want as part of your winning game plan.

As a dispatcher you will be working with all different sorts of people, this makes it fun. Unlike the broker your customer will be both the auto transport broker and the person shipping the car. Imagine having a boss you love working with…you will have lots of them. Then, imagine having a boss you don't like working with…you'll have those, too. But, you get to choose if you want to work with them or not. ;)

Building your own auto transport dispatch center covers all the facets of the work place. You will serve people over the phone, via the internet and email. The diversity is exciting and helps keep you on top of your game.

Logistics of building an auto transport dispatch center…

U.S. Department of Transportation laws will regulate the physical area your drivers can work in. Interstate and intrastate transports fall under this scope of limitations.You will want to request a full packet from your dependable auto shipper, including his or her authority.

Part of the excitement of working as an auto transport dispatcher is the continuous learning process. No two cars or loads are the same. It is the same with your drivers, each one has unique needs and circumstances.

What does the auto transport dispatcher load?

As an auto transport dispatcher you will search for and secure many types of vehicles. This may include automobiles; sedans, pick-up trucks, SUV's (sport utility vehicles), mini vans and motorcycles.

You will learn how to use Google search, mapping programs, metric conversion software and more. You will become familiar with your owner-operator's set up quickly. You will also learn how to properly give your customers an auto transport quote. Of course you are not a licensed, bonded auto transport broker; but, you can give a quote based on your truck's rate.

So, if you get excited by continually learning and improving your customer service skills; dispatching may be for you. If it is a challenge you welcome, dispatching may be just the business opportunity for you, too.

As with any business opportunity, auto transport dispatching is what you make of it. Hard work, love of serving business-owners, and scheduling your own work time may make dispatching just the right business opportunity for you.

If you are ready to work from the comfort of your own home, set your own schedule in auto transport easily and quickly…CONTACT ME for information to become a dispatcher!

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  • Carla, I’m glad you do what you do. You are perfect for the job!

    • admin

      Thank you Rachelle. I enjoy the freedom to work the hours and days I want to. The relationships that have been built with our drivers, dispatchers and other brokers are what I consider perks…they are the best.

  • Great Info!

    • admin

      Thank you Denny. I appreciate your input as a former snowbird:)

  • I love your style, Carla… you’re the BEST at auto transport!

    • admin

      Susan, sure appreciate your visit, comments and input.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I didn’t realize there was another possible role in the auto transport chain! That’s the beauty of specialization: the trucker can focus on what he/she does best while a dispatcher works to keep his loads and backhauls filled. And, if done right, it does not have to increase the cost to the vehicle owner because specialization = greater efficiency …

    • admin

      That’s right Sharon. One thing I’ve learned as an entreprenuer is you always must be thinking on your feet. You will get chewed up, spit out and tromped on if you are not constantly watching your market and business. When your desire to remain independent is strong enough, you will look for opportunities that may be right under your nose. You may not have seen them the day before, yet now it is right in front of you ripe for the picking. Truly serving others pays big rewards.

  • A friend of mine has a trucking company and they are super busy – there is alot of work that goes into the business. Getting loads and hauling things to get to a location at a certain time is pretty amazing. With out people like you – American would not have the items they need * keep hauling*

    • admin

      I don’t doubt they are super busy Angela. When an independent business owner runs the business properly, they will remain in business and on the road. That is one of our goals in our coaching program is to properly train brokers to assist the truckers’ business remain profitable.

  • Jeannette

    Great info, Carla. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      Thanks Jeannette. Appreciate your visit and glad we offered new information to you:)

  • Thorough resources that will enable someone to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is their vocation! Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Our motto is “an educated customer is a satisfied, stress free customer”. Not sure why others in the industry leave them in the dark, but they do it every day. It creates headaches for everyone, including the other brokers.

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  • Ronald Franklin

    Hi Carla, thanks for the info. I am interested in becoming a dispatcher. Please get in touch with me if you have time. My email address is:

    • Hi Ronald, I’ve sent you an email to give you a bit more information. Be on the watch.

  • Olorunsogbon Gbenga

    I need some info on this subject.Thanks

    • Hi Olorunsogbon thank you for contacting us about auto transport dispatching. Our course is not currently being offered but plans are to re-open it come this fall. Please watch our website regularly for more information.

    • admin

      We are currently looking at re-opening our dispatch classes. Please continue to monitor our website for available classes starting soon.

  • Debbie P

    I have been a Dispatcher and a Broker and I have had a terrible experience with being a owner and I would rather work from the convenience of my home, I would love to get more information on how this all works. Can you e-mail me and send me any information you have for dispatching for Car Hauling. I Have a few Loyal customers and I would love to continue to give them the best service, I also need to know do we use your broker bond and license?

    • Hi Debbie thanks for visiting our website and requesting more information. I am in transition myself and currently my dispatch course is not being offered. Please watch the website here in the near future for the announcement of upcoming courses.

  • We don’t have employees nor drivers. I am an independent dispatcher and work with owner/operators to help them remain on the road, fully loaded and do what they do best…serve the customer.

  • Armando G Vasallo

    HI, Carla looking forward the next Dispatcher class.
    Please advise. Thanks

  • Guest

    Hello Carla we would
    love you to test drive and evaluate CarshipIO – auto carrier software

    Specifically would love to see if you can find it useful for an independent
    auto dispatcher like yourself.

  • CarshipIO

    Hello Carla we would
    love you to test drive and evaluate CarshipIO – auto carrier software

    Specifically would love to see if you can find it useful for an independent
    auto dispatcher like yourself. We are working on offering for dispatchers and would love to get feedback.

  • Shameka

    I would like to become a dispatcher or a broker. Can someone send me info to Thanks

  • Michelle Mcneal

    Hi, My name is Michelle i am looking into becoming a dispatcher,and want to know the best places to apply too.

    • admin

      Hi Michelle,

      That is great news that you want to become a dispatcher. However, our training programs have been discontinued. I’m not sure where you would apply; possibly check the bulletin boards at local truck stops?

  • Noel Taylor

    Hello Carla,

    I have a car carrier company. I am looking to outsource my dispatching. I would like to speak with you about your services. What number can I reach you at?



    • admin

      The office number is (530) 529-6972

    • Amy Doll

      My name is amy and I dispatch for an Auto transport company here in Missouri and I would be interested in booking your truck for you if you have not found someone to do it. You can get ahold of me at

  • Keith Fivecoat

    Hello Carla, I have a 2500 3/4 ton truck with Duramax motor and Allison Transmission Crew Cab GM 2007 with 78,000 original miles. I am looking to put this truck to work. I have 5th wheel, Gooseneck and bumper pull hook-u p and also have a 18ft car hauler if needed. Would love to put it to work. Do you ever have anything that could fit in that category or in a hotshot capacity? I am looking to haul 5th wheel recreation trailers – or single vehicles. Although not needed, I do have CDL.