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Business Owner Decides to Work Part Time Earns More Money Part 2


Business Owner Decides to Work Part Time Earns More Money, Part 2

Benefits of a coach

A year and a half ago I made a decision to bring our businesses online to increase our visibility and profits. Highly intimidated by technology I was scared to death. This was an area I had neither interest nor experience in, what would I do. Like most people I have met and talked with at length, I fumbled around online searching for the right person to teach me how to market online.

Because I did not have, knowledge in what or who I was looking for cost me dearly. Spending money we did not have I tried every coach, system and product out there, or nearly every one. Did I see success? Nope. Matter of fact I nearly gave up.

Then she appeared. This woman with a strategic loud voice showed up on FaceBook. I knew her from our part time home business. She had attended some of those personal growth training seminars, too. As I watched her, it seemed she knew what she was doing. Gradually my trust started to build and I purchased one of her training classes.

The woman I am talking about is Sandi Krakowski. She is currently my business coach teaching me everything from how to build an e-commerce website in WordPress and social media marketing to lead generation for our auto transport business and part time networking business. It has been a journey and one that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a business online.

Let's not forget the major decision I talked about earlier. Sandi is a genius at marketing and listening to what the market wants. She knew my loyalty and love for my home business, products and the staff of the company. She honored my decision to remain loyal to that staff, our product quality and compensation plan. She kept reiterating to listen to what my market was asking for. Did I get it? No, I did not understand.

You see learning marketing is like being in college. When you are a freshman, you will never understand mathematics like a senior, right. The freshman starts with algebra and the senior finishes up with calculus, it is a progressive learning curve. The same goes for learning anything new, you must pay the price, practice, learn, and implement to build your skill.

Major decision launches trips to bank

Have you ever heard the term "Can't see the forest for the trees"? Well, that statement described me for the longest time. A coach is someone who is there to encourage you, show you your strengths, to root you on to success and not dwell on your weaknesses. They lead you to resources to help you over hurdles they see you need to cross but it is not in their area of expertise.

It was during one of our coaching calls that the past years worth of lessons, techniques and practice all came together. Finally, the light went on and I realized what I needed to do to propel my businesses forward. I had learned to step up and out of my "employee mindset" and think like a true business owner. Remember my friend, the one who told me "it's nothing personal, it's just business"?

I had been holding onto a dying part time home business, the part time business that I came online to grow. After more than a year of working my butt off, I had not sold one product, not enrolled one business partner…not one!

It was that realization that propelled me to listen to what my clients, truck drivers and friends on FaceBook and Twitter wanted. They did not want what I had. After banging my head on that proverbial brick wall, voila! Bingo and hallelujah I got it!

Therefore, after more than fourteen years loyally dedicated to one product line, one company and the staff I decided to step back. To look at providing the market what it wanted. The result?

In just 90 days, our checks are as much as our checks after fourteen years with the other company. We have more business partners actively working with us than we EVER had before. We are having fun, our auto transport business is in full operation and our dispatch center is blooming, too.

Sometimes those tough, gut wrenching decisions are the ones you are suppose to make. That is your test, to jump off that bridge and be a business owner who decides to work part time and earn extra money or remain loyal to a dying business. It is your choice, what will you choose?

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Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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Carla J Gardiner is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur who built an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center from the ground up. With half a days training and little else Carla learned the business inside and out the hard way…by doing it. Her passion and purpose lies with the people she works with daily; the client, dispatcher, broker and truck driver. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor other professionals in healthy auto transport.
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“Ultra-Mobile Auto Transport”

"Ultra-mobile auto transport" pays off when you have a growing family.

When I decided to work from home there were many things that made it attractive. As my auto transport home based business was in the beginning stage a key factor was the freedom to work from anywhere I wanted to; being mobile was important.

Previously when I worked at the bank taking time off was not easy. If you wanted vacation time, you had to choose your dates in January. Other time off was out of the question. I don't know many people who plan that far ahead of time, do you? We usually planned our trips at the last minute. When the mood strikes…we would go (wink, wink).

As the kids grew up and left home it got harder and harder to find time to travel to visit them. As the grand babies started arriving it became more important that we have time to spend with them. I didn't want to have to choose – a visit with family or a vacation for hubby and me. Time is precious and not unlimited…we needed to be able to have our cake and eat it too!

The solution? To work from home enabled me to leave the office and still work no matter where I was. I could travel whenever I wanted to. If my kids needed something or someone…me (smile), we could just pack up the car and go.

"Ultra-mobile auto transport" and a new grand baby…

This year our newest grandson arrived mid-November. Because our auto transport business is home-based, we are mobile. We packed up the laptop, forwarded the phones and off we went. We packed for a week taking the warmest jackets we own. 

The excitement of the new baby clouded our judgment. We didn't even think about it being mid-November…winter was almost here! Living in California winter is usually rainy and cool, not cold. Our daughter and family live in Idaho where the winters are cold, but not usually unbearable. The long range forecast didn't indicate any problems, so off we went.

If you have grandchildren then you know what happens to all common sense. Of course Mother Nature doesn't pay attention to the long range forecasters nor what we think. All we could think about was the new baby and the chance to be with our grandchildren again.

Weather and business have a common thread…

Being in the auto transport business for myself has taught me many a lesson. One of the biggest lessons has been…change is imminent. You must go with the flow. Taking one day at a time helps you to deal with the minute by minute changes. Little did we know how this lesson would test us to the max one more time.

Our trip up through the back country of California was beautiful. The fall colors resembled those we'd seen on a show about the Northeast on the PBS station earlier.

As we entered Oregon and Idaho each had it's own unique landscape and color scheme for the season, too. Driving and chatting all we could think about were those darling little faces of our grandchildren and the surprise on mommy's face! We hadn't announced our visit to them…we were just going to show up!

Having the ability to pack up and go while working from your cell phone has it's advantages. As long as I could get a signal, I took phone calls. Knowing the seasonal rates helped. I could quote certain routes with my eyes closed. Other, off the wall routes I called back when I had the aide of my trusty laptop.

The surprise was on us!

Our first week in Idaho was awesome. Reconnecting with the kids was so much fun. Feeling the shallow breath of the newborn on my neck was precious. We instantly bonded (smile). 

Soon we settled into the kid's routine. Answering dispatch and client calls fell in between breakfast, lunch and dinner prep. There was lots of time to watch their favorite movies…Toy Story 3 and Cars…can't beat a cute movie and grandchildren.

As orders came in I was able to type them up and find an available carrier right away. The days flew by and before we knew it our week was almost gone.

Then it happened…

The late night news weatherman announced the storm of the decade was due within 24 hours. There was no time to prepare, no time to get out of the area. We had to relinquish our plans of leaving for home to staying put at my daughters home.

Normally I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But, I had a business meeting scheduled in Dallas, TX with Sandi Krakowski at A Real Change International. There was no time to change those plans, nor the flight. I had to get home.

Weather became the topic and talk of the day. Mother Nature was not cooperating. Each day brought more challenges and change.We had a choice…either relax and enjoy or fight it and get all stressed out.

Our one week trip turned into 17 days. We loved being with the kids. We got to watch the baby change every day. He filled out, lost his umbilical cord, got circumcised and went to his first check up. In his first two weeks he gained a pound and went up a size in clothes. We never got to experience that with the others.

I had work to get done that required quiet, focus and time. But with four grandchildren and four adults in the house cooped up for over a week…it was time to just relax and have fun. Thankful that my business is mobile I was able to take advantage of this extra time with my family.

What did love, patience and business teach me?

Everyone who has children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews fully knows the love that swells in your heart. The pull those kids have is amazing.

Sure we have to work to support our little ones. But, part of that support is love and patience, too. When change comes, whether through business or the weather how we react determines how our kids will react.

Just because I didn't have the chance to return home on the schedule I had planned I could have gone off the deep end. The old Carla would have…all work and no play. I would have stressed myself out. Not being able to have the alone time to write would have pushed me over the edge.

Instead, the love for those babies swelled my heart to near capacity. I was able to journal a little, the best I could. It paid off – I took orders and dispatched the freight…as I could. My priority – my family and enjoying every minute with them…work came second.

You know what? By being mobile, keeping my priorities straight I came home one fulfilled grammy and the money in the bank increased, too. We all got plenty of rest, ate right, took our vitamins and had lots of fun together.

So, if you are a home based business owner like me or want to cash in like I have; take a tip from me…you only live once. Relax, go with the flow and work your business like we do our "ultra-mobile auto transport" with patience and love.

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

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“Auto Transport Is It For You?”

"Auto transport is it for you?"

Monday morning rolls around, another day at work. The boss calls you in and says he has important news for you…sit down. Fearing the worst, you ease into the chair waiting for the ball to drop.

"Our California office needs a new manager. Your qualifications are exactly what they are looking for. We would like you to relocate. Can you be ready in six weeks"?

As the room spins so does your head. What will my wife say, will my kids want to go? How do I get all of my belongings clear across country? Will the house sell that fast, oh…what about my cars?

These are all too familiar questions when making a move. Corporate relocation is all too common today. Unlike the military that provides some help with expenses, corporations leave those details up to the individual most of the time. Auto transport has become the source to many shipping problems like this.

Moving household goods…

Before I learned about the moving industry, I didn't know the difference between one type of truck and another. It didn't take long though to learn that moving companies move household goods. Those types of items are furniture, personal goods like computers, bicycles, dishes, etc.

They are able to move cars, motorcycles and pick up trucks; but, at a hefty price. The shipping time can be all over the board. The moving company can take a long time, up to a month! They also pack your belongings with other family's belongings to fill the truck.

So, you may want to reconsider shipping cars through them.

Shipping cars…

Once I started learning about shipping cars, I quickly figured out that there are different types of licenses. There are different types of trucks, trailers and what they can haul varies a lot.

The type of authority that a car hauler must have is called "FMCSA". This stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and it must be accompanied by the US DOT registration. This stands for US Department of Transportation. These licenses and authorities only enable the driver to transport "vehicles". 

Every day, without fail one or more customers will ask if they can pack their cars with clothes, bicycles, computers, televisions, etc. Some brokers will say sure. These brokers are not doing their job; they are also not doing their customers any favors.

You see, the drivers can be ticketed for having personal items in the vehicles. When the trucks enter the inspection stations Highway Patrol inspectors have the legal right to search each vehicle. If they find any personal goods, they have the right to remove the items and confiscate them or ticket the driver.

Which broker would you want to work with?

Now, you've accepted the assignment. You have six weeks to sell the house, pack up your family and get to California for that new job assignment. Are you going to handle all of these details solo or are you going to find an auto transport broker to help you?

If you've chosen a broker, which one did you choose? Was it the broker who told you what you want to hear? They allowed you to pack the car to the roof;  and gave you bottom price. If that officer goes through your car during an inspection; what condition will your personal items arrive?

Now that you know a little more, makes you wonder what headaches are coming your way during the trip, doesn't it?

If you've chosen the broker who gave you all of the details, won't it make your life easier? What if they took the time to explain how auto transport works. If they explained how the law works you would feel better about the move, wouldn't you?

With everything you have on your mind during a time like this; do you really want to worry about your car? Choose a qualified broker you can count on. How?

Watch for our next article "Auto Transport Broker – Choose Wisely"

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

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Auto Transport – Turn What You Are Passionate About Into A Healthy Profit


Auto transport – turn what you are passionate about into a healthy profit

Ever noticed that profits come easier and faster when you love what you do? That is exactly what has become crystal clear in the past few weeks. It was this revelation that caused gears to shift and a re-examination of our motives to occur.

You see, working an auto transport business is sort of like buying a new car. Have you ever noticed that once you start driving your new car all of a sudden you see dozens of the same model, maybe even the same color. Isn't that just a little bit weird? Really though, it's just that now you are more aware of the same color, make and model car as what you are driving.
It's the same way for sharing what you are passionate about and turning that passion into profits. If you talk about auto transport and healthy living daily and it flows naturally, then you can tie in how you do what you do easily. Make sense?


If you seriously want to gather the health tips of an auto transport broker, keep reading…
Immersed in the lingo of an auto transport broker…
From as early as 6 am each day the spoken language in the office switches from what we call normal English to "trucker-ese". Being an auto transport broker and dispatcher has a language all it's own. Gone are the days of words like "10-4 good buddy"; yet other slang terms still remain, like "refer", "car hauler" and hot shot.
There are parts of the business the broker really likes and others that they could leave in a second. You can probably guess that the part they love is working with people like you. Talking with you, getting to know you and what they can do to help you, that is just the best.
The part that isn't so great is when they get an angry truck driver yelling at them. There are lots of brokers and drivers out there who could use a dose of personal growth training or two. We'd even give them free training on how to treat customers; which includes other brokers and drivers.
Auto transport brokers need vitamins too…

Then it dawned on us that everyone, including auto transport brokers need vitamins too. It didn't register though that another broker could help them in their day to day jobs. There isn't a day goes by that they don't talk with someone who is sick. Whether it's hacking and coughing with the flu, a cold or allergies; they sound terrible and should be home in bed. What is it like where you work? Bet you see the same thing, don't you?
The problem is that in this industry there are no benefits. Each broker is on commission only and in order to eat they have to show up and work. We do our best to share our story with them; how we've stayed healthy. In six years we've missed one day of work, and we work six days a week!
Not changing careers, but direction with clear focus…
Although we are changing direction, we haven't changed careers. Our hope is that by reaching out to everyone in all sorts of jobs, more can be helped to be healthier. If you know of someone who works in a job that doesn't have benefits, share this story.
If each one of us helps just one person stay well this winter season imagine how much happier we all will be! If you know any auto transport brokers out there looking for another broker to talk with, tell them what you've read here. All of us can use a new friend, right?

Have an awesome week, make a new friend, and remember to smile…you'll burn calories and make someone's day, too!
Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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Change Career Direction With Crystal Clear Focus

"Change career direction with crystal clear focus"…

As I sit in my office working away my thoughts are drifting. With crystal clear focus I can see the direction my business is taking. In the day to day tasks of talking with clients my mind is very focused on giving them the best service possible.

I've always worked in jobs that are very centered around the client. Heck, without clients no business could even open their doors for business. The problem I've found over the years is that most businesses seem to eventually forget the most important asset they have…their clients.

Thinking of how I'm different from all others…

When I first went into business for myself there were many things I had to do. Besides the set up and logistics of permits, licenses and such; I needed computers, phone lines, printers and a fax machine.

This all took money; something I had little of. But, my desire to work out of my home was strong, I wanted to control my life. I did what any red-blooded American would do; I pulled out my Visa!

Now the pressure was on to succeed. Not only did I not have a paycheck anymore; now I had a large credit card payment to make. How would I pay the mortgage without a paycheck? Would I have money for food? If you don't know what is coming in; how do you pay the bills every other week? Oh my, so many things ran through my head, it was scary.

Scared as I was, knowing that I had to show up, work hard or not eat made it easy to work from sun up to sundown. The only secret weapon I had were the vitamins I took daily. Using them enabled me to keep my cool when others lost their tempers; it made a huge difference. Not being so stressed out; I was able to treat people kindly; it was a different type of experience for most.

Within my first week of opening for my car shipping business I found there was a ton of competition. I had to think and think fast…what was going to set me apart from the thousands of other brokers out there?

I realized by my client's comments that I was different. By taking the time to explain to them how moving cars worked it made a difference. When their transport was set up with the driver; I called them with the name and phone number. By verifying the car to be moved was picked up and on it's way, their minds were put at ease.

The icing on the cake for my clients was the hand written thank you card and small gift of appreciation they received after the car shipping was done. That small gesture is what set me apart from the masses. I learned that business tip from one of my mentors from my vitamin company, Dani Johnson. She told us to always under promise and over deliver.

She proved to be right; this helped me to take my customer service one notch above everyone elses service. I put all of my heart and soul into my business and clients needs.

Learning a lesson by watching nature…

The lessons I've learned over the past six years have been plentiful. One of the most important lessons has been that you must be willing to change; slide from one season to the next without freaking out . You must prepare for the varying seasons, too!

Like the seasons we experience in nature; there are seasons in business, too. I've seen plentiful harvest times in the summer and fall. The winters in business are treacherous and can make or break you. What you plant today may not ripen and be ready for harvest until months from now.

I learned to take each day, one by one; make it the best day ever. Treat each client like I want to be treated. Give it my all, each client deserves my best. Some days I don't feel like coming into the office; I want to go visit my grand-babies in Idaho. Maybe I want to go shopping or just plain old play hookie!

The beauty of working for yourself is that you can do those things…sometimes. I had to learn that working from home isn't get up at 10 AM and leave at 2 PM; not when you are running a six figure business. Some days I work from 6 AM to 5 PM, other days I work less. All I know is thank God for my vitamins…they have saved my mind, body and soul more than once.

By planning for the seasons, I am able to play, visit my grand-babies and travel…I'm mobile!  But, like the seasons I had to be willing to "change career direction with crystal clear focus".

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Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner
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Carla Gardiner is an auto transport broker, dispatcher, health coach and a fiery baby-boomer grandma. Her passion and purpose lies with the people she works with daily; the client, dispatcher, broker and truck driver. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor others in regaining their health while building a part time business, too.
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“Auto Transport Business Started By Fired Ex-Banker”

"Auto Transport Business Started By Fired Ex-Banker"

Ever have a story that you have felt compelled to share? My story is very different and it's time it is told.

With twenty plus years of experience in banking, loans and customer service; I got fired! Yes, fired for taking a firm stand for ethics and morals within the workplace.

If I were a betting kind of woman, which I'm not; I'd bet you are wondering how that story came about. You may also wonder how I remained happy; continued to smile; and managed to get through it maintaining my health.
I can tell you one thing and that is this. When you believe from your core that honesty, integrity and your customers needs come first; there is nothing, no money on earth worth jeopardizing that trust and those principles.
Recap of those twenty plus years…
Straight from high school I entered the world of customer service and banking. A passion for the professional atmosphere and serving others made me feel worthy, complete. My love for working with people fulfilled something I couldn’t find anywhere else. Each new position I learned, mastered and taught provided the stepping stone for my next promotion.

I was weakest in office politics. Actually I failed miserably when it came to sucking up to my superiors. I kept to my training manual and completed all tasks as assigned. When tasks were complete, rather than stand around like others, I would volunteer to help someone else. There was always something to learn. A new skill to perfect or another customer to serve. Being idle was never something I was good at, ever.

Looking back, my first stand on ethics surfaced when I was a teller. Suggesting to an elderly customer that she should move her money from an account that earned zero to an account that earned a minimal interest; proved to be a wrong decision. My supervisor was standing behind me watching, listening.
After the customer left, it was evident, a conference was in order. As an employee of the bank my primary focus was to make them money…not the customer. No longer was I to offer advice to my customers unless it was in the banks best interest; their bottom line in business, profits.

My feathers were more than ruffled, I was ticked off. It was only a short while and my resignation was submitted. I just couldn’t work like that. If it weren’t for customers there wouldn’t be a need for the bank! All I could think of was my grandma…what if that little customer were her. How would I want her to be treated?

Fast forward…
Years later my ideal job came along, or so I thought. Leaving the safe walls of banking behind me, mortgage broker lending came into my life.
It didn’t take long to find out that this was not where I belonged either. All of the schmoozing that went on; behind the closed door activity. Yes, you know what I mean.
An environment I was unaccustomed to turned into a living nightmare. The stress level was so intense; I was so thankful I had the best liquid vitamins helping my immune system. I’m not sure what would have happened to my health had I not had them.

There were no ethics, morals or loyalty exchanged…it was all out dollars and cents. That is not sense…it is cents!
The long and short of it was this. The crap (pardon my French) that we had to put up with at that place of employment was more than any one human being should ever be asked to endure.
Customers were not the focus in this business; it was the almighty dollar, it was dollar-centric. It didn’t matter what you had to say, do or make happen; the bottom line was month end numbers and closings were most important. This was their idea of a healthy business model.
As I documented all of the "interaction" going on in the office; how it affected my work, my attitude and my customers pocketbook; I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty outcome when I disclosed this information.
Approaching the owner of the business wasn’t easy, but the work environment was so miserable, it had to be done. As the facts were presented it became very clear that I had just made a huge move, an even bigger mistake. She informed me that those occurrences were none of my business. It shouldn't affect my energy level or work performance.

When all was said and done; at the end of the day all we have to take home with us is our integrity. Our moral character is hard wired in us. The friendships we've built over the years are those that re built with trust. If we violate those trusts we have nothing left, period.  

And so the story goes…
The reason she fired me – non-compatibility and lack of performance to office business standards. Thank God! That was one of the hardest days I've ever had to endure, but one of the happiest, too.

I still think of those customers who to this day are reeled in by the unethical business practices of that company. They think they are making wise decisions for their financial future. Instead they are being lead to the slaughter. They are being set up for sure failure; financial devastation looming on the horizon.

The sleep I get at night has enabled me to build a solid client base in my auto transport business. Honesty, integrity and ethical business practices are the foundation for our company.
Our clients come first and foremost. Sure there are guidelines and rules set by law. Everyone knows what they are and why they are in place. The rules are followed by all parties. Fair is fair. That makes for a healthy auto transport business.
I’m still using the best liquid vitamins and sharing them with all of my clients, truck drivers and other dispatchers too. Hey, everyone in auto transport needs good health to do a good job, right?

All I know is this. If you don’t have your health nothing else matters. If you are honest-hearted, you care and give to your customers 100%; then you can sleep at night. When you can wake up the next day to vibrant good health; and prosperity in your auto transport business that is what life is all about.
Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner

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