My Secret Weapon To Simple Weightloss

This is me in December 2010

Have you tried every diet, pill, and shake but still can’t lose weight?

Check out my secret weapon!

Why is it the things we did to lose weight when we were younger aren’t working anymore? When we were in our twenties and even thirties, we could give up pizza and beer for a few days and get back into our skinny jeans.  But now, it seems like no matter what we do…that belly fat won’t budge!  Not only won’t it budge, but it also keeps on growing!

If you’re in that situation, don’t give up.  You aren’t alone that’s exactly where I was a few months ago. You see, I’ve always struggled with my weight. Right along with my mom and sisters, we have tried every diet, pill, and shake out there. Sure we lost some weight but always gained it back plus some.

Then, seventeen years ago I came home to work our new auto transport business. With all the hours I worked I found myself NOT eating, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, and calling it good. Each time I would try to leave the office for a quick bite the phone would ring and back I’d go.

Finally, come dinner time I would be famished. Anything and everything smelled and tasted great, too great! I didn’t just eat dinner, I inhaled it. No wonder my blood sugar and insulin levels were whacked out, right?

Then I met Renee. She shared a fabulous, simple diet program that would help me eat small, quick meals that were convenient, no cooking. That worked for me. I could eat them at my desk, even in between phone calls.

It didn’t take much talking, I was ready to start. I was sick and tired of being a fat grandma. I was tired of denying my weight and how I looked. I wanted to be in the pictures with my grandkids, not the ones taking the pictures.

By the end of my second week eating the “grab and go” meals I have lost 9 pounds and gone from pushing a 20W pant size to a 16 Misses! If I can do it, so can you.

Week 5 TSFL Carlas Picture Testimonial 004

August 1, 2011 ~ week 5

Week 6 and another two pounds gone, this makes for a grand total of twelve pounds melted away to date. Grabbed this pair of jeans this morning without looking. They were so baggy that I thought they belonged to my husband. I could get another set of cheeks in the seat of them My blouses no longer show rolls of belly and are actually too big as well. I am now in a size 14 Misses and still losing weight weekly.

Week 7 and another three pounds have gone making for a grand total of fifteen pounds lost. Today I grabbed a pair of new sandals as I was running out the door. They were too loose so I stopped to tighten the strap. Drats! The velcro straps were already as tight as they could be…I am losing weight on my feet, how does that happen? All I can say is I am eating my way thin and you can, too.


Here we are years later and I must tell the truth about the above weight loss program that did work…WHILE I was on it. The issue was that it was processed foods, proportioned and rationed to eat often. It wasn’t long and affording the food was not sustainable for me. I stopped purchasing it and gained all of the weight back plus more 😥

Don’t lose hope though, since then I’ve learned the truth about food, my habits, and how and when we should eat (scientifically verified).

I can and will teach you how to lose weight, help your body shape itself without exercising, and sustain that weight loss even if you want to stop working together with me. Your help is here!  Help in the form of a super simple, “fool-proof” simple weight loss program that teaches you how to eat balanced meals using REAL foods, crank up your metabolism and torch your body fat!

This program works for everyone who commits to themselves and the plan! Success doesn’t pick and choose.  Yes…it works if you are menopausal, are hypothyroid, have 10 pounds to lose, or have 150 pounds to lose.  It even works if you sit behind a desk all day or drive a semi-truck for hours on end.

Imagine being 10 pounds lighter in less than 4 weeks!

Here’s an interesting question to ask yourself.

What will you think about when you are no longer consumed with thoughts about what to eat, when to shop for it, how to make it, prepare it, clean up after preparing it, think about what you are going to have for your next meal…….

How about where to go to buy the hottest pair of skinny jeans?

If you are ready to get healthy, lose your belly fat naturally, CONTACT ME! I’d love to see you as our next success story!