"Auto transport is it for you?"

Monday morning rolls around, another day at work. The boss calls you in and says he has important news for you…sit down. Fearing the worst, you ease into the chair waiting for the ball to drop.

"Our California office needs a new manager. Your qualifications are exactly what they are looking for. We would like you to relocate. Can you be ready in six weeks"?

As the room spins so does your head. What will my wife say, will my kids want to go? How do I get all of my belongings clear across country? Will the house sell that fast, oh…what about my cars?

These are all too familiar questions when making a move. Corporate relocation is all too common today. Unlike the military that provides some help with expenses, corporations leave those details up to the individual most of the time. Auto transport has become the source to many shipping problems like this.

Moving household goods…

Before I learned about the moving industry, I didn't know the difference between one type of truck and another. It didn't take long though to learn that moving companies move household goods. Those types of items are furniture, personal goods like computers, bicycles, dishes, etc.

They are able to move cars, motorcycles and pick up trucks; but, at a hefty price. The shipping time can be all over the board. The moving company can take a long time, up to a month! They also pack your belongings with other family's belongings to fill the truck.

So, you may want to reconsider shipping cars through them.

Shipping cars…

Once I started learning about shipping cars, I quickly figured out that there are different types of licenses. There are different types of trucks, trailers and what they can haul varies a lot.

The type of authority that a car hauler must have is called "FMCSA". This stands for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and it must be accompanied by the US DOT registration. This stands for US Department of Transportation. These licenses and authorities only enable the driver to transport "vehicles". 

Every day, without fail one or more customers will ask if they can pack their cars with clothes, bicycles, computers, televisions, etc. Some brokers will say sure. These brokers are not doing their job; they are also not doing their customers any favors.

You see, the drivers can be ticketed for having personal items in the vehicles. When the trucks enter the inspection stations Highway Patrol inspectors have the legal right to search each vehicle. If they find any personal goods, they have the right to remove the items and confiscate them or ticket the driver.

Which broker would you want to work with?

Now, you've accepted the assignment. You have six weeks to sell the house, pack up your family and get to California for that new job assignment. Are you going to handle all of these details solo or are you going to find an auto transport broker to help you?

If you've chosen a broker, which one did you choose? Was it the broker who told you what you want to hear? They allowed you to pack the car to the roof;  and gave you bottom price. If that officer goes through your car during an inspection; what condition will your personal items arrive?

Now that you know a little more, makes you wonder what headaches are coming your way during the trip, doesn't it?

If you've chosen the broker who gave you all of the details, won't it make your life easier? What if they took the time to explain how auto transport works. If they explained how the law works you would feel better about the move, wouldn't you?

With everything you have on your mind during a time like this; do you really want to worry about your car? Choose a qualified broker you can count on. How?

Watch for our next article "Auto Transport Broker – Choose Wisely"

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

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